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photography by rob sheridan

new orleans: two months after katrina. october, 2005.

photographs by rob sheridan.

I had the opportunity to tour the lower 9th ward neighborhood of New Orleans, a heavily-damaged section of the city that was still closed to the public at the time. These shots were just taken of what we happened to drive by. This goes on and on. We visited on a day shortly after some residents were first allowed back in, by bus, to see what was left of their homes. We passed a few of these buses as well as search teams with cadaver dogs - nine weeks after the storm.

Also included here are some photos from other parts of the city, and photos from inside a flood-damaged home in the Lakewood area.

The Ninth Ward area of New Orleans was one of the most heavily-damaged areas in the city.

Recovery teams left markings on each building, indicating when it was inspected, who it was inspected by, and if there were any bodies inside.

This is the massive barge that caused the industrial canal levee breach. The breach itself can be seen on the left.

At the levee breach site.

Garden District, New Orleans.

In the Lakewood area, thousands of homes which seemed only mildly damaged on the outside were completely destroyed on the inside.

camera: canon 5d

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